Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tabu, the agless beauty of Bollywood

Tabu is the ageless beauty from Bollywood. She has been around for several years but still she has not lost her glamour even after all these years under the arc lights. Now tabu is touching 40 but she continues to remain slim and h0t. Tabu has many love affairs in her life but she says that her latest found love is for books. She feels liberated when she reads and is especially attracted to books with a lot of hidden massages. Tabu is a big fan of the book "THE SECRET" as the book is all about positive thinking and the ways to lead a sensible life. The name Tabu conjures up many feelings among people, especially men. She is a ravishing beauty and is by far the h.0.t.t.e.s.t among the Tollywood heroines. Inspite of acting for so many years, even today she can give the young heroines a run for their money with her glamour.

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